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Helping businesses to leverage the Internet

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About Us

We work with our clients on an in-house-out basis over the long-term to develop and seize opportunities presented by the Internet.

In-house ...

We are a critical resource, relied on like your in-house team ...

In-house means that we work as an integral part of the client's business function. We have an intimate knowledge of their business and a close relationship with their team based on openness and trust.

... out

... but we are not actually part of the company

Out means that we retain the benefits of being an out-sourced service: external location and perspective, no overhead costs and available on-tap.


We consider our relationship with our clients to be more like a partnership than a service provider role. As well as the implications of closeness, there is a strong idea of commitment to a long-term relationship for mutual benefit.

In addition, as with a true partnership, we will consider sharing the risk, where we believe the opportunity is ripe and / or we are better placed to take that risk than a client.

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For us, it's all about the relationship

If you're interested in working together, please call Tom on 0117 992 7210 or get in touch using the form below, so we can set up a meeting to explore how we can work together.

Barnes Graham Limited
Coopers Farm
Bristol BS35 1LG

Tel: (+44) 0117 992 7210